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6 Bag Trends NYC Girls Are Wearing

6 Bag Trends NYC Girls Are Wearing


In New York, your bag contains your life for the day. It’s basically the equivalent of a car. And New Yorkers are always walking which means that their outfits (and bags) are always on display. So yeah, handbags are pretty important when you live in NYC. I don’t live in NYC anymore but it remains one of my favorite places to visit—and people-watch.

I just returned from a trip to the city, and my eyes were peeled for one fashion item, in particular: Yes, it’s handbags. There were six fresh trends I saw over and over, and they coincide with the trends NYC girls have been Instagramming as of late. Each of these trends is functional, versatile, and cool. And they’re all useful no matter where you live. Because if a bag works for NYC life, it’ll work for life in pretty much any city.

Keep scrolling to familiarize yourself with—and shop—the current favorite bag trends among NYC girls.


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