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The Best Bodysuit Shapewear, According to Reviews

The Best Bodysuit Shapewear, According to Reviews


While I’m a huge proponent of online shopping, the reality is that certain items aren’t easy to buy online. Items like denim and bras, where fit is the most important aspect (and varies drastically across different brands and styles), are especially hard to order online when you’re just guessing a size and hoping for the best.

It’s items like these that I look to the reviews for guidance. Not only do reviewers often give lengthy descriptions of the product, but they also provide personal context about themselves and how that particular item worked for them, given their body type, height, etc. I find this infinitely more helpful than the basic product description because I can search for people who describe themselves as having a similar build to my own and use that to guide my purchasing decisions. Also, reviewers are brutally honest about whether the product is worth your time and money, so you know upfront if you’re getting a quality item. 

Since shapewear is another category that’s particularly tricky to shop for online, I went ahead and scanned the reviews at sites like Nordstrom, Shopbop, Amazon, and Spanx to see which styles stood out. With a combined total of over 3400 reviews, below are the 20 best shapewear bodysuits I found. 


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