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Vacation Mode: 5 Emerging Brands Redefining Resort Wear


I love a good trip to the mountains, but being near a beach, laying out in the sun with a frozen cocktail in hand is where I really thrive. The spring and summer vacation season is also coincidentally when my wardrobe thrives; thinking up outfits when coats are in the picture is not my forte, so when the time comes I relish in coordinating two-piece linen sets and breezy maxi dresses. Plus, breaking out the crochet, raffia, and juicy, saturated colors just does something to my senses.

All this is to say, that when it comes to resort wear-focused brands, I know most from A to Z. When Louisa Ballou made big waves with her graphic tropical prints, it was something that caught my attention pretty early on. In a similar vein, other indie brands with a vacation focus are also emerging as names to know ahead of the summer season. But it it’s always nice to shake things up too—so if you’re looking to add some zest to your warm weather looks, these brands should be priority on your shopping list.

From New York to Bali, these 5 brands are proving to be heavy hitters in my vacation wardrobe for 2023. Keep scrolling for an introduction to them all.

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