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12 Items Our Editors Were Influenced To Buy

12 Items Our Editors Were Influenced To Buy


They say imitation is the best form of flattery, and we at Who What Wear have to agree. While we love sharing all of the best fashion finds the internet has to offer with all of our readers, we’re also sharing them with each other. On any random day, you’ll find at least one message within our team group chat dropping a link to a particularly cute top, only to have five of our editors show up to the office wearing it the following week. What can we say? We’re easily influenced. And, contrary to popular belief, that’s not a bad thing. 

Over the last few years, there’s been a creeping notion on the internet that gatekeeping is the way to go when it comes to what you’re wearing. Open the TikTok comments and you’ll see: under any influencers post, you’ll see a flood of un-answered comments asking where a certain item is from. It might even be your own. Someone loves those shoes you’re wearing on your #OOTD post? Oh, sorry— They’re from a small, vintage shop from somewhere in Europe that you don’t remember the name of. And the brand has rubbed off. And the store has shut down. Sorry, better luck next time! 

Since my entire personal brand is built on hot takes, here’s a spicy one: the not-like-other-girls schtick is getting boring. Perhaps the change of mind has come with age—or, with living in New York City, where everyone south of 14th street wants to be as different and original as they can possibly be—but frankly, I’m tired of pretending that being different is a discernible personality trait. Sue me.

As someone who’s surrounded by the world’s most stylish people, it’s only natural to swoon over a deliciously great find I see one of our editors wearing during a meeting or stopping someone on the street to ask where they got their bag. Our editors love sharing all of our favorite finds with the world, but most of all, with each-other. Whether you call it trauma-bonding or team camaraderie when we cry together over a pair of sold-out Tory Burch flats, the idea is abundantly clear: teams who buy together, stay together. If these matchy-matchy finds are any indication, it’s that the Who What Wear team loves an homage to a great outfit— especially when we’re the ones pulling it off ourselves.


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