15 Best Slim Fit T-Shirts For Men: High Quality Options in 2023

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The figure-hugging shape of slim fit t-shirts means they are inherently tied to the shape of your body. This associates them with that dreaded (or hallowed) place of fitness: the gym. The best slim fit t-shirts also make for the best workout t-shirts.

They are ideal for displaying your sculpted muscles, but that’s not the primary motive for wearing them (or so you can tell yourself). In the gym, you need maximum mobility and don’t want your clothing to get jammed in machines or trapped in equipment. Nothing says gym-newb like a snagged t-shirt.

Then, if you dare venture outside the gym, the best slim fit t-shirts also have a rightful place in your casual dressing paradigm. The slim fit t-shirt is the workhorse of your wardrobe, providing foundational comfort week in and week out during the colder months. When the mercury rises, the best slim fit t-shirts are a great basic summer choice for the shredded and the un-shredded alike.

In this FashionBeans piece, I have collected the best slim fit t-shirts from across the Internet. Each one is especially adept as winter wardrobe basics, a workout buddy, or as a means for showing off your sexy body. Read on below.

Key Takeaways 

The best slim fit t-shirts reveal your body without being ostentatious; just take Orlebar Brown’s 007-inspired figure-hugging tee. This makes them great for working out, evidenced by our overall best pick, the Outdoor Voices Cloudknit, but also as undergarments and your casual dress, e.g., a pristine Sunspel tee. In purchasing the best slim fit t-shirts, consider the neckline and the materials.

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Outdoor Voices Cloudknit Short Sleeve

Size Range: XS-XL | Material: 94% Polyester, 6% Spandex | Colors: 7 | Style: Crew Neck

“The softest tee you’ll ever wear.” This is a claim by Outdoor Voices to be reckoned with, and we admire their confidence in their product. The Cloudknit fabric is named such because it is deemed to be as soft as a cloud. Pretty sure a cloud is just water vapor, so rest assured that it will feel very soft.

Its modern polyester-spandex blend gives the fabric its stretch, giving the sensation of yet more comfort when wearing. The brand recommends wearing it for light recreational activity and no more. This suits me down to the ground. Pair with some fleece-lined Nicce joggers and Ugg slippers and you’ll be purring with satisfaction.

Asket Pique Polo White

Size Range: XS-XL | Material: 100% Organic Cotton | Colors: 4 | Style: Polo Neck

Asket’s monochromatic polo shirt is a crisp, sleek, tidy 210 gsm organic cotton weight. It’s an easy way to tap into a slightly more formal look than just a plain crew neck slim fit t-shirt. If you wear it buttoned up, expect a quasi-futuristic bent. Wear it unbuttoned and it’ll have more of a relaxed holiday feel. But there are plenty of different ways to wear a polo shirt.

Asket has considered that everyone’s body is different and has accommodated varying body lengths of the shirt, so you get a perfect fit. Plus, the production costs and CO2 breakdown for the product are available, feeding into the idea that through transparency first, then comes a change in the fashion industry.

Reiss Dayton V Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Size Range: XS-2XL | Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: 5 | Style: V-neck

Firstly, I’ll admit I have an inexplicable aversion to v-neck t-shirts. But the minimalism of this Reiss v-neck is trying to convert me. A v-neck t-shirt has somewhat of a slight advantage in warm weather as the extra skin visibility helps cool oneself down marginally. A v-neck t-shirt might favor those who work out regularly since a broad shoulder shape fills out the chest area of the v-neck slightly better than the flat-chested lads amongst you.

These are the reasons I can think of to buy a v-neck t-shirt. But if you’re going to buy any, buy this Reiss example. The super soft cotton is sourced using the Better Cotton initiative, which ensures the continual improvement of cotton farming, and the minimalism looks chic. Wait, do I like v-necks now?

Uniqlo Waffle Henley Neck Long Sleeved T-Shirt

Size Range: 2XS-3XL | Material: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester | Colors: 3 | Style: Henley Neck

As the article title might suggest, this is one of the best slim fit t-shirts. I own a very similar waffle knit long-sleeved t-shirt by Uniqlo and I love it because it looks far more stylish than a plain t-shirt when worn by itself. It’s also very affordable and great for layering in the winter.

The waffle texture brings not only extra insulation but aesthetic distinction. With long sleeves, you can wear them down or as I like to do, roll them up the arms. I have a crew neck version, but this henley neck version brings yet more individuality and character to the t-shirt. It will look great simply in combination with jeans and sneakers.

J Crew Tall Broken-In Short-Sleeve T Shirt

Size Range: M-2XL | Material: 100% Cotton| Colors: 19 | Style: Crew Neck

The best slim fit t-shirts give you a warm, cozy feeling. Slipping this slim fit tee by J Crew over your shoulders will feel like meeting up with an old buddy after years apart. It will feel natural, genuine, and relaxed.

The brand breaks in the t-shirts through a process of double dying, to achieve longevity on the color tone and then is specially washed to give the dye its idiosyncratic softness. This affects the softness of the cotton fabric too. Say hello to your new-old pal.

Rhone Swift Short Sleeve

Size Range: S-2XL | Material: Mesh Fabric (synthetic, probably) | Colors: 5 | Style: Crew Neck

This is the ultimate gym t-shirt. It blends impeccable style with peak performance capabilities. The unique material is constructed with alternating porous strips, which enables a perfect balance of fabric strength and breathability to be achieved; but it also gives it a cool look.

Bonded shoulder seams have removed painful chafing. Finally, the hems at the arms give it a snug fit on the bicep, and the cross-stitch on the shoulder, a little bit of flair. Show us a better gym top.

Organic Basics Mens Tencel Lite Crew Tee

Size Range: S-2XL | Material: 95% TENCEL™Lyocell, 5% Elastane | Colors: 2 | Style: Crew Neck

It’s worth talking about the main ingredient in this Organic Basics t-shirt recipe. The TENCEL™ Lyocell is sustainably grown wood pulp pushed through a gauze to form threads. The material holds color and dye exceptionally well and it is a greener product than cotton.

The silky finish makes it a desirable material to make one of the best men’s slim fit t-shirts from. And that’s just what Organic Basics have done. The silken feel makes it a great underlayer, if you’d rather have a sweatshirt, wool sweater or parka jacket do the aesthetic legwork of your outfit.

Vuori Clothing Zephyr tee

Size Range: S-2XL | Material: 93% Polyester, 7% Elastane | Colors: 2 | Style: Crew Neck

This slim fit t-shirt imagines that you are a machine that burns coal and ejects steam propulsion. Thanks to the featherweight performance mesh, maximum ventilation is afforded to your steam engine of a body, as you sweat and expel heat during high-intensity workouts. The 7% elastane affords an excellent range of movement, ideal for wide arm extensions like a kettlebell throw, or dumbbell flies. Yeah, I went to the gym once, what of it?

Taylor Stitch The Heavy Bag Tee

Size Range: XS-2XL | Material: 52% Upcycled Cotton, 48% Recycled Polyester | Colors: 19 | Style: Crew Neck

It’s worth considering weight when thinking about the best men’s slim fit t-shirts. Heavyweight t-shirts are ideal for the intermediate spring or autumn days, when summer is just around the corner, or dying a slow death.

This Taylor Stitch The Heavy Bag tee comes in a fantastic range of colors that all have a muted tone and most have names that are delicious enough to eat. The soft hue makes them easy to style and the 8 oz. is a nice solid weight lending durability, insulation, and a sense of luxury to your outfit.

H&M 5 Pack Slim Fit T Shirts

Size Range: XS-3XL | Material: Cotton 95%, Spandex 5% | Colors: 8 | Style: Crew Neck

In New York last year I bought a scarf from a street vendor. The guy offered a deal for three and I didn’t take it, I took one. Lo and behold, I got drunk and lost this brilliantly soft item of scarf perfection. I have not bought a scarf since because I am still grieving. Sometimes in life, you are presented with such a good deal and you’ve got to know when to strike.

I can’t transport you to New York in 2021, but I can present this 5-pack deal on slim fit t-shirts by H&M. The cotton/spandex materials blends softness, durability, and stretch with aplomb, and here you can buy five at once and squash your slim fit t-shirt woes with one fell swoop. Don’t be like me, take a good deal when it presents itself.

Sunspel Short Sleeve Crew Neck T Shirt

Size Range: 2XS-3XL | Material: 100% Supima Cotton | Colors: 21 | Style: Crew Neck

To put it bluntly and truthfully, this is an icon of the best men’s slim fit t-shirts. It legit has a claim to being the best men’s t-shirt, period. Since the 1990s, Sunspel has developed its reputation as the brand to purchase high-quality basics from. So, what makes it so divine? Firstly, the classic shape with crew neck finish makes it supremely versatile style-wise.

Secondly, the extra long staple fiber of the Californian Supima cotton material means it holds color well, feels über soft, and has better longevity. This is why you pay a premium for premium products.

Arket Midweight T Shirt

Size Range: XS-2XL | Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: 17 | Style: Crew Neck

If you’re unsure what weight, always go midweight. A lightweight material, though amazing for the summer months, lacks durability, can feel lacking in quality, and can even be quite sheer (great for wet t-shirt competitions).

Heavyweight material can get to be sweltering in the heat. Midweight is your safe, nice choice. The choice you would be proud to take home to your mother. The little folded white tag detail gives this Arket tee its minimalist style. Another crème de la crème t-shirt by Arket.

Orlebar Brown OB-T White Tailored Fit Crew Neck T-Shirt

Size Range: XS-2XL | Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: 17 | Style: Crew Neck

Emerging from crystalline Caribbean waters looking like the sun-kissed messiah that is James Bond might be a distant hope for most men. However, covering up that chiseled rig with one of his t-shirts and looking vaguely comparable that way is actually on the cards thanks to this slim fit t-shirt by Orlebar Brown.

The slim fit shape, especially flattering around the biceps, will help accentuate the more aesthetically pleasing areas of the male anatomy, ultimately giving you a step up. Being James Bond is dumb, childish, and unrealistic. Wearing a t-shirt inspired by him, his physique, and his gargantuan… film repertoire? Very doable.

Valentino Logo-Print Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

Size Range: XS-3XL | Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: 1 | Style: Crew Neck

When it comes to designer t-shirts, the point is that you and everyone else know it’s a designer t-shirt. Subtly is not the point here. The not-so-subtle “VLTN” logo on this black Valentino t-shirt expresses exactly what it needs to get across. While those four letters on the front make up the majority of the price, the lightweight cotton fabric does supply a large dose of luxury.

Mr. P Slub Cotton and Hemp Blend Jersey T Shirt

Size Range: XS-2XL | Material: 93% Cotton, 7% Hemp | Colors: 2 | Style: Crew Neck

Mr P is Mr Porter’s own brand and excels in providing designer-style garments at a fraction of the cost. The innovative hemp-cotton blend brings durability, eco-credentials, and rustic style. The neckline detail gives this piece its individuality.

The peach and ecru tones are warm and easy to style with navy linen trousers, Birkenstock clogs, and polarized sunnies. This will make for a flattering summer outfit.

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What To Look For In The Best Slim Fit T shirts


Cotton is still king. That is because of its affordability, breathability, and easy ability to dye and wash. Recently more eco-conscious materials have come onto the market recently. Look for organic cotton and hemp as eco alternatives.

Spandex and elastane add stretch to fabrics, improving comfort and mobility. Polyester is a cheaper, less desirable crude oil product alternative to cotton. TENCEL Lyocell is silken soft.


Take color as a matter of preference. So long as you have multiple white, gray, and black t-shirts, the rest is a matter of your choosing. Then you can stand in front of a mirror and do the good work of matching appropriately with your pants/jeans. Good luck out there.

Style (v-neck, crew neck, etc.)

The crew neck t-shirt is the classic. It looks sleek, conventional, and unintrusive to your look. A polo button-up adds formality. A henley button-up (i.e., no collar) is quite a bohemian style.

I find it hard to recommend a v-neck because either a) I have an irrational hatred of them, b) I have a rational hatred of them, or c) I haven’t found a legitimately worthwhile and different use for them where you wouldn’t just buy a crew neck.

Running Coach gives the Thumbs Up
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Final Verdict 

Outdoor Voices’ Cloudknit t-shirt came out as one of the best slim fit t-shirts because of its versatility. Not just because it’s a cotton t-shirt and you are ultimately the master of what you want to do while wearing it, but because it comes in a super soft fabric that’s breathable and stretchable.

You can wear it to the gym, walking your dog in the park, or on a stylish yet self-aware perambulation in the afternoon sun. Get yourself a slim fit t-shirt that can do it all.


    • Well, if your huge guns don’t naturally do it through their brutish size, here’re some tips for stretching out a slim fit t-shirt. First, hand wash in 30-degree water. Then wring out the excess water and place it on a towel on an ideally warm surface. If your t-shirt has graphics, place a protective layer of cloth over your graphic and iron dry. Then, stretch the t-shirt where you want more space and put heavy weights on the corners to ensure the stretch keeps. Cotton has a little bit of stretch, so this technique will work on cotton, but try it with other materials to see.

      • Slim fit t-shirts are a great gym-style tee. But I don’t need to tell you what you wear to the gym (someone else does that far better). The non-gym slim fit t-shirt is great for warm summer days or as an underlayer in winter. I would classify them as casual wear items, so they go great with jeans of all varieties, chinos, trousers, shorts, and even skirts if that’s what floats your boat. Pair with sneakers or casual shoes like boat shoes or loafers in the warmer months.

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