15 Cottagecore Outfits That Define What the Aesthetic Is

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For anyone unfamiliar with the term, cottagecore is the culmination of clothing, interiors, and lifestyle activities inspired by living in—you guessed it—a cottage. It’s a departure from the fast-paced lifestyles and trend cycles of the past and favors a more intentional approach to dressing and everyday life. The cottagecore aesthetic gives off an air of whimsical romanticism with a pinch of practicality needed for living on a farm or a plot of land in the middle of nowhere. 

You can see this most prominently through the embrace of handmade pieces (quilted coats, knitted balaclavas, embroidered denim, and quirky necklaces) alongside Victorian-esque pieces (corsets, Peter Pan blouses, and puff-sleeve dresses) in fabrics and prints that invoke another time period (lace, eyelet, toile, and floral prints). At the end of the day, this aesthetic is all about investing in pieces that are timeless and have beautiful details. And if that doesn’t make you excited to adopt this aesthetic for yourself, then the cottagecore outfit ideas ahead are sure to make you want to book it to a prairie near you.

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