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16 Types of Dresses French Women Always Pack for Vacations

16 Types of Dresses French Women Always Pack for Vacations


Not to sound cliché, but there’s something so reinvigorating about springtime. Maybe it’s the warmer weather or the blooming foliage, but I suspect that it’s deeper than that. Spring allows us to not only embrace change but desire it. It acts as a permission slip for many to finally switch things up and adopt a new beauty regime, do a deep closet cleanout, or even book a vacation. And while I’ll never deny the power of a few wardrobe updates, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the prospect of travel is one of the best parts of spring (and summer). 

There’s something to be said about how revitalizing it can be to step outside your daily routine, no matter where you go. But to fully reap the benefits of this time off, you must be intentional about what you choose to pack. After all, no one wants to pay insane baggage fees only to realize upon landing that they have mispacked entirely. So how does one avoid this mishap? First, you’ll want to identify a few staples you can wear throughout your trip. While those items will vary depending upon your destination, there are some universal staples you can rely upon—e.g., a great swimsuit, linen trousers, or sandals. But, possibly, the safest piece you can pack is a dress.

They are the secret to looking stylish sans effort; it’s why many world travelers (including many French women) continuously pack them for trips. But if you’re unsure of what kind of dress is worth the space in your suitcase, you’ll want to keep reading. Through scouring Instagram, I identified 15 types of dresses French women regularly pack for trips. You won’t want to pack every style listed ahead—no one has that much baggage space, and you should consider your travel needs and personal style. However, they’re a great starting point for renewing your relationship with packing. 


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