19 Viral Items That Instagram Practically Forced Me to Buy

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I love TikTok as much as the next person, but for anything fashion related, Instagram will forever remain my primary source. There, if you follow the right people, you’re never more than a scroll away from discovering the next viral brand, trend, or, my personal favorite, item. And unlike on TikTok, where anyone can claim to be an expert on anything, everyone on your Instagram feed’s already been vetted (by you) and therefore tenfold more trustworthy. 

As someone who’s been consistently obsessed with the platform since it first came out, I’ve spent years curating a following list that I know can provide me with guaranteed winners in the fashion department, whether its a high-end buy like Bottega Veneta’s internet-famous drop earrings or the $98 Gap jeans that nobody can stop talking about. And since gate-keeping’s never really been my thing, I’m sharing my latest viral-Instagram finds so you don’t have to spend hours scrolling like I do. Shop 19 of them below. 

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Author: NewsHubMagzine

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