24 New Mango Items at Nordstrom That I’m Freaking Out Over

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If you’re anything like me, convenience plays a huge role in your shopping habits. Sure, every brand has their own website, and yet, I’m far more likely to actually follow through on a purchase when it’s from a retailer where I can also buy everything else I need (or want), from my daily tinted sunscreen to the lingerie I can’t quit. Such is why Nordstrom is the store I shop at most, both in person and online. Simply put, the retailer has everything. 

Because of this, I got a little bit too excited when I noticed all of the new items from Mango that Nordstrom just released on its website. In the new selection are plenty of items I’ve seen and considered buying directly from Mango, but have thus far not added to my wardrobe. Now that they’re available in the same place as the Skims tees and Khaite sunglasses I’ve been eyeing for the last week, the chances of me actually buying them have skyrocketed. With that, scroll down to see which new Mango items will likely be arriving on my doorstep in a Nordstrom box next week. 

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