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27 Unique Décor Finds to Upgrade Your Space

27 Unique Décor Finds to Upgrade Your Space


The first steps of moving in and decorating a space are fun and thrilling—it’s like mapping out a blank canvas with infinite potential. You’re excited to find the perfect bed, couch, or rug, and it’s satisfying when everything comes together. But what happens two or three years later?

Furniture and décor are much like a closet full of clothes in that it’s natural not to feel the same zeal years later. I bought a big piece of art from Etsy before deciding I absolutely couldn’t stand it months later. Within a year, my tastes had shifted to favor more moody neutrals, proving the design process is truly never-ending. But instead of completely revamping my apartment or spending thousands of dollars on new furniture, I found tiny décor swaps could have a big impact. Sometimes a small switch can change a room in the same way a new couch can. 

Creating a space you actually want to be in might mean adding a sconce or two or creating mood lighting with a fancy candle. Whether it’s a new rug or a new pillow, unique home décor can go a long way. For a list of objects currently on my shortlist, keep browsing below. 


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