Home Fashion 28 Floral Print Maxi Dresses That Scream Spring

28 Floral Print Maxi Dresses That Scream Spring

28 Floral Print Maxi Dresses That Scream Spring


Florals? For spring? It’s certainly not groundbreaking by any means, but hey, it’s fun. The arrival of warm weather after a harsh winter means only one thing in my book: floral maxi dresses. It’s practically my uniform once I rummage through my storage unit and turn over my closet for spring and summer. Not only are floral maxi dresses seasonally appropriate, but they’re also my secret weapon for creating an effortless, no-nonsense outfit recipe. Usually, I throw one on over a pair of anti-chafing biker shorts, add sneakers or a pair of leather slides, and I’m out the door in two minutes, allowing me to enjoy the sunshine and bottomless mimosas with my friends on Saturday mornings that much more. Who wants to spend more than an hour picking out their outfit when the weather is nice?

Below, browse the floral print maxi dresses I may add to my rotation this spring. From abstract and affordable to sugary-sweet pink and purple ruffled picks, here’s your unofficial guide to the best spring dresses on the market right now. 


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