Home Fashion 28 Quiet Luxury J.Crew Finds I Think You’ll Absolutely Love

28 Quiet Luxury J.Crew Finds I Think You’ll Absolutely Love

28 Quiet Luxury J.Crew Finds I Think You’ll Absolutely Love


We all know that sophisticated, well-dressed older woman with no kids, no husband, and no serious commitments besides dinner plans and what’s next on her “luxury buy” list. She’s cool. She’s chic. She’s probably what Sofia Richie Grainge is aspiring to be. Meet the old money auntie— a classy, stylish embodiment of a woman who prefers Khaite and Toteme to louder, buzzy fashion labels. Old money aunts aren’t just a vibe— they’re a lifestyle.

By now, we’ve all heard the about the quiet luxury aesthetic. While the sartorial label has been through a ton of different iterations over the last few years (coastal grandmother, stealth wealth, Succession-core…), there hasn’t been much buzz about the playful, chic off-shoot. For once, an idea of my own: how about celebrating the old money auntie? Her style might be similar to the quiet luxury movement that’s everywhere right now, but it’s categorized instead by sharp silhouettes, fun accessories, and an aptitude for colorful touches. 

While the classic elements of quiet luxury elements still exist within the OMACU (Old Money Auntie Cinematic Universe), the fun, youthful offshoot provides a serotonin boost for people who can’t simply live in black all day. If that’s you, don’t worry: I’ve turned to my favorite, timeless retailer J.Crew to find all the things that my stealth wealth heart has been craving recently. Don’t worry— we won’t tell anyone it’s not from The Row. 

Below, shop 28 J.Crew quiet luxury and old money auntie finds I can’t stop thinking about. I’m apologizing to your wallet in advance! If you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to resist these adorable summer pieces to add into your closet.


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