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3 Spring Trends to Shop From J.McLaughlin

3 Spring Trends to Shop From J.McLaughlin


Most buzzy fashion trends typically have a shelf life of one season, but every once in a while, a few come around that outlast the rest. A trend’s staying power is attributed to the wearability and timelessness of the pieces that define it (no buyer’s remorse to come). Lately, I’ve seen an abundance of spring trends, but I can already predict which will stick around for a while. Quiet luxury, maximalist styles, and sporty-chic are the talk of the town (and a few of my personal favorites as well). Each one is different from the next, but all deserve a rightful place in our wardrobes. J.McLaughlin has everything you need to test-drive what I’m naming this season’s most wearable trends. It’s my go-to brand for apparel that’s classic, unpretentious, but still elevated for everyday wear. The brand’s commitment to traditional silhouettes and high-quality fabrics ensures that even the “trendiest” pieces will have lasting power in your wardrobe. Keep scrolling to shop my selects.


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