Home Fashion 30 Editor-Approved, Expensive-Looking Mango Items

30 Editor-Approved, Expensive-Looking Mango Items

30 Editor-Approved, Expensive-Looking Mango Items


If there is one thing about me, it’s that I love expensive stuff. I mean who doesn’t, but I really love expensive stuff. I’m talking about everything under the sun. Do you want to talk about fine jewelry? I’m there. Do you want to discuss five-star hotels? I’m your girl. Want to gab about luxury designer bags? You have my number. While I am a lover of all things luxurious and pricey, my wallet is not. I’ll admit it—my budget and my taste level aren’t exactly in perfect harmony (for now), but luckily for me, I know exactly where to turn when I need to look rich without actually being rich. Mango has been killing the game lately when it comes to items that look way more expensive than they are, so I took to its site for a much-needed deep dive. On my journey into the deepest corners of Mango’s website, I found so many great things, from dresses that I cannot wait to style for a dinner to bags that could pass for The Row and Paco Rabanne to denim priced around $50 that looks more like $200.

Keep scrolling to see the expensive-looking Mango pieces that are so good I almost didn’t want to share. 


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