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30 of the Most Epic Spring Dresses Out There

30 of the Most Epic Spring Dresses Out There


Is it just me, or are we all especially excited for spring and summer this year? I have always loved spring/summer fashion more than fall/winter fashion, so this is my time to shine. One of the main reasons is that it’s finally warm enough to wear dresses on a daily basis. I have such a thing for dresses. They’re easy to style and incredibly comfortable, and they make you look so put-together. Whether you’re going into your office, planning a trip, going out on a weekend, or your wardrobe just needs a little pick-me-up, a new dress is always a great idea. Dresses are like my secret weapon. I think people assume that dressing up has to be uncomfortable, but let me debunk that right now.

There are certain dresses that are so comfortable they could double as nightgowns. Plus, they’re extremely versatile. Since it’s officially spring and the weather in New York is finally warm enough for me to bust out my dress collection, I thought, “Why not treat myself to a new sundress or two?” On my hunt for new dresses to add to my wardrobe, I found so many that I can’t wait to wear. As I scrolled through Shopbop, Mango, and Reformation, I just kept thinking to myself, “How great would this look with sandals and a cocktail on a rooftop in Brooklyn?” and “I can’t wait to wear this dress on a Saturday night out.” I found 30 that are so good I’m actually dreaming about them. As someone who’d never gatekeep, especially when it comes to a great dress, I listed all 30 killer dresses for spring.

Keep scrolling to see which made the cut.


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