Home Fashion 30 Quiet-Luxury Shoes You Won’t Regret Buying

30 Quiet-Luxury Shoes You Won’t Regret Buying

30 Quiet-Luxury Shoes You Won’t Regret Buying


A thing called “quiet luxury” has been the most popular aesthetic of 2023 thus far, without a doubt. We’ve been covering it a lot here at Who What Wear since it seemingly came out of nowhere, but it’s usually spoken about in terms of quiet luxury bags or an overall look. I’m here to talk about it in terms of shoes.

Quiet luxury shoes are pared-down, minimalistic shoes that are well-made and look expensive even if they’re not. If they are designer, the logos are minimal or absent. Also, they may still be recognizable, but probably only to someone who really knows fashion. If affordable, they’re the kind of affordable shoes that could easily be mistaken for a designer pair.

I scoured the internet in search of the best quiet luxury shoes on the market right now and narrowed it down to 30 incredible pairs. Scroll to shop shoes you’ll wear for years to come.


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