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30 Stylish Editor-Approved Basics | Who What Wear

30 Stylish Editor-Approved Basics | Who What Wear


As part of my spring cleaning, I did a major closet cleanout, removing clothes I no longer wear to free up space for all the fabulous new clothes waiting for me in the future. During my cleanout, however, I noticed a lack of great basics in my closet. I know the backbone of a stellar wardrobe is versatile basics you can wear on repeat, and now that I’ve tossed out my old distressed jeans and tube tops from college, I have space to start building the basics collection my wardrobe so desperately needs.

In the search for great basics, my initial reaction was to check Reformation, Shopbop, and Mango. These retailers don’t mess around when it comes to basics, and as a member of Gen Z and an editor based in New York, I’m not looking for your average, run-of-the-mill basics. I found 30 basics so perfect I almost don’t want to share them. 

Of course, I’d never gatekeep when it comes to fashion, so scroll on to see which 30 basics I can’t wait to wear.


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