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30 Unlined Bras That Are Chic and Comfortable

30 Unlined Bras That Are Chic and Comfortable


Can you recall the last time you shopped at a lingerie store and were disheartened? So many aspects of bra shopping can be downright annoying—e.g., the awkward struggle to figure out your proper bra size or the lack of “real” reviews outside of a pushy sales associate. Perhaps the most frustrating part is the lack of versatile options to shop. Don’t get me wrong; there are some great push-up bras and lingerie stores out there. However, not every shopper is interested in purchasing an overly padded bra or shopping in person. The desire to change how we shop for undergarments has led to a boom in digital-first brands that offer far more non-padded styles in a more inclusive range of sizes.

Of course, shopping for unlined bralettes and bras comes with its own challenges. Buying a bra online can feel like a gamble, especially when you’re bustier or trying to find an unlined bra that’s actually supportive and functional. But it’s not nearly as frustrating as you might think. To prove that point, I’ve scoured the internet for the best unlined bras and bralettes. Considering reviews, size-inclusivity, quality, support, and price ranges, it’s safe to say these 30 unlined bras will squash any previous bra-related frustrations you have once and for all. 


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