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35 New Summer Nordstrom Items I Really Need

35 New Summer Nordstrom Items I Really Need


I am currently in my quiet-luxury, Sofia Richie, stealth-wealth era and I have absolutely no shame about it. Yes, I’m just like every other bitch but I don’t care. This trending aesthetic is objectively chic and investing in these pieces will be worth your while, no matter how long the shelf life of this look is. The reason? Because it’s fully comprised of expensive-looking basics which are the backbone of any hard-working wardrobe. 

Oddly enough, finding the right pieces to create this quiet-luxury look can be tricky. In case you’re interested in this aesthetic right now too, I am here to make things easy for you. I scoured one of my favorite multi-retailers, Nordstrom, in an effort to find the most perfect pieces possible to master this look. I found 35 items that are perfect for summer and beyond and that will have you losing sleep if you don’t add them to your cart ASAP. 


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