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36 French-Looking Fashion Finds Under $100

36 French-Looking Fashion Finds Under $100


When you think of French fashion, you might think of tweed jackets, quilted bags, tailored pants, and black-and-white color schemes. Luxury fashion houses like Chanel, YSL, and Dior might also come to mind—along with the expensive price tags associated with those designers. I feel you on that! If you’re unwilling to drop your paychecks on a Lady Dior bag or something adorned with that coveted double “C” logo, I’ve rounded up 36 pieces (under $100, no less!) that capture that rich French look without breaking the bank. 

From elegantly draped tops and structured jackets to pleated pants and wool miniskirts, French-inspired outfits are easy to create on your own. Add accessories like initial hair barrettes, beaded evening bags, timeless sunglasses, and classic belts to tie your look together.

As a tip, brands like J.Crew, Cos, Reformation, Mango, Zara, and Anthropologie are great options for achieving the rich French-Girl aesthetic on a budget. Keep scrolling for Parisian fashion finds that’ll make your wallet—and your closet—very happy. And don’t mind me while I shop and daydream about moving to Montmartre. 


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