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4 Spring Outfits to Re-Create


I moved from Florida to New York City about a year and 10 months ago (but who’s counting?), and the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to keep comfort a priority. When I first got here, I’d run around the city in the most uncomfortable shoes thinking that the walk to the subway wouldn’t be that bad. Fun fact: That’s almost never true in NYC. To keep up with the pace of city life and to keep the blisters at bay, I’ve swapped my tall heels for running shoes. New Balance, one of my all-time favorite brands, has come in clutch for my sneaker era with a selection of sneakers that I’ve seen on every social media platform and on city dwellers every day. No joke, you can’t even walk a few blocks without spotting the iconic NB logo, and that’s because of how beautifully the brand combines style and comfort. I’m always looking for new ways to style my growing collection, so I’m taking tips from my fellow city girls and editors, Yusra Siddiqui and Ana Escalante. These two are never afraid to take fashion risks and always keep comfort at the core of their everyday style. Yusra and Ana each created two spring looks featuring some of New Balance’s latest running sneakers for us to enjoy below. If you’re ready to see these fun yet practical looks, just keep scrolling!

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