Home Fashion 40 Spring Revolve Finds a Fashion Editor Is Smitten With RN

40 Spring Revolve Finds a Fashion Editor Is Smitten With RN

40 Spring Revolve Finds a Fashion Editor Is Smitten With RN


While I’ve certainly admired pieces that my co-workers and friends have found at Revolve over the years, I haven’t completed a purchase on the site in close to a decade, having bought my junior-year prom dress there back in 2013. Everyone has their retailers that they come back to time and again, and none of mine happened to be Revolve. (Hint: That’s about the change.) But over time, I’ve noticed an influx of new brands joining its ranks, each one chicer and more elevated than the last—I’m thinking of Helsa, Anna October, Norma Kamali, and Simkhai, among others. In turn, I was driven to fall into the deepest Revolve hole in all my 27 years in order to get the full picture of the retailer’s offerings in 2023. 

I won’t go into too much detail about the hours I spent this week scouring every inch of Revolve’s website. (It involved two cappuccinos, a lunch and a dinner break, and a few too many episodes of Will & Grace playing softly in the background.) I will, however, share that the end result made the long journey entirely worth it. I was pleasantly surprised by just about everything I discovered—from the pickleball dress that’s sold out everywhere but available in every size on Revolve to Hailey Bieber’s favorite summer baubles to the quiet-luxury pieces you need to see if you want to correctly capture the aesthetic this season—so much so that I’ve made a promise to myself never to sleep on the retailer again. Below, see which items convinced me to break my 10-year Revolve shopping hiatus once and for all. 


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