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5 Activewear Brands In Fashion People’s Closets

5 Activewear Brands In Fashion People’s Closets


For years I was a dancer. And until fashion came along, dance was the first real love of my life. Recitals, dance competitions, The Nutcracker… You name it—I was there. There was even a time when I planned on making a career out of it by joining a dance company or going on tour with an artist. But, alas, I went to fashion school instead, and my dream of being a backup dancer for Rhianna flew out the window just as my dream of dressing her for a red-carpet event came flooding in.

With my dancing days behind me, I’ve found other ways to stay active. While I still love squeezing in a dance class whenever I can, I’ve also become consumed with going to Pilates. In fact, I’m officially someone who can’t shut up about the workout they’re doing.

But breaking a sweat doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice my sense of style. Lately, my workout wardrobe has been looking sadder than usual. To remedy that, I turned to Shopbop (one of my favorite retailers) to search for brands that’ll up my activewear game. Five brands stood out from the rest, scoring points for both style and quality.

Keep scrolling to see which five activewear brands I’ll be wearing on repeat to Pilates.


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