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5 Hotspot Vacation Destinations and What To Wear


The spirit of summer is alive and in my bones, which means that I’ll be obsessively checking Google Flights until October. If it isn’t apparent yet, I’m a person in a constant state of wanderlust, and I have the bookmarks to prove it. Every year I make a running list of vacation destinations that stick out to me or have that je nais se quois so to speak. Whether it’s because they’re gaining traction as a global hotspot (cue Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc), are new to the scene, or settled in a cool, exotic location, they’re more than your usual run-of-the-mill resorts. 

While these vacations all exist purely within my internet tabs (for now), my fashion editor tendencies have already envisioned a full roster of outfits for each. Should the vacation gods favor me with an extra vacation fund, I’ll be prepared. Below, see the top 5 spots I’m itching to go to next, as well as all of the pretty resort clothes to match.

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