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6 Celebrity Outfits to Get the Stealth Wealth Look

6 Celebrity Outfits to Get the Stealth Wealth Look


If you’ve been reading Who What Wear regularly, you’ll be well aware of the quiet luxury trend that is dominating this season. From the runways to the street style set, there has been a shift from excess to subtlety in the form of stealth wealth fashion, a.k.a old money style. The aesthetic is a far departure from garish logos, flashy pieces, and short-lived trends, that look like overt displays of wealth. Rather it is characterized by material quality, beauty, timelessness, and superior details, with a focus on what makes high-end clothing worthwhile. Think brands like The Row, Jil Sander, Brunello Cucinelli—who are all about minimalist silhouettes and deluxe timeless classics.

There are a number of celebrities who really embody the stealth wealth aesthetic. Think Gwyneth Paltrow’s Loro Piana-filled wardrobe, Rosie Huntington-Whitely’s elegant creamy colored tailoring, and of course, it’s worth mentioning, the soft power dressing of Succession’s Shiv Roy. What these pieces all have in common is that they’re nonchalantly elegant and coolly collected rather than being overly exhibitionist. They make a statement without having to try to make a statement.

If you’re looking to get the stealth wealth look, keep scrolling to get inspired by six low-key luxury celebrity outfits below. I’ve added a mix of pieces for every budget because leaning into the look doesn’t need to cost a fortune.


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