Home Fashion 8 Chic Puddle Trousers Outfits, Courtesy of Celebs

8 Chic Puddle Trousers Outfits, Courtesy of Celebs

8 Chic Puddle Trousers Outfits, Courtesy of Celebs


Five years ago, if someone instructed me that cropped pants would be passé in just a number of many years, I don’t know that I would have considered it. At 5’4″, I am applied to paying a very good amount of time and revenue at the tailor or browsing for pants with an inseam of 28″ or less. But now the 12 months is 2023 and cropped pants are emotion like more and additional of a distant memory. In its spot are puddle trousers, and celebs have been solidifying their worth a lot more and much more every single day.

Puddle trousers are fairly a lot just how they audio: extremely-long trousers (or denims) that pool all around the ankles, dragging on the flooring. Pants dragging on the ground just isn’t truly tunes to my ears, but a craze is a development, and you can generally don heels to minimize the dragging. But some celebs, these as Zoë Kravitz, are embracing the puddle and even carrying flats with the pattern. Other people, such as Kate Middleton and Rihanna, are putting on them with their greatest heels. Whatever your shoe preference, puddle pants are shaping up to be just one of the most important pant traits of 2023. Scroll on to see which classy celebs are carrying them and store my favorite puddly pairs. 


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