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8 Cool Spring Outfits To Try This Season

8 Cool Spring Outfits To Try This Season


I could live in baggy pants and a basic white tee for the rest of my life (and I do most of the time), but why play it safe when there are so many great trends to try out? At least that’s my perspective right now as we edge closer toward warmer weather. Outfit formulas are super useful and a great tool to lean on if you’re building out your wardrobe, but wearing the same combinations day in and day out can become stale. That’s precisely why I’m challenging myself to venture outside of the sartorial box to try trends and outfits I normally wouldn’t go for.

It’s not easy to instantly change the way I think about getting dressed, so I assembled a collection of outfits to help me be more experimental. They range from fresh outfit pairings (ie a dress and baggy pants) to quirky accessories I’d never thought that I’d wear in a million years. To see how I’m pushing my own style boundaries, keep scrolling for 8 unexpected outfits inspiring me now.


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