9 Best Heavyweight T-Shirts For Men For Ultimate Comfort in 2023

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If you arrive here having sailed through life ignorant of differing weights of t-shirts, well, son, shape up. Lightweight is for summer. Mid-weight is for the all-rounder. Heavyweight is for champions. And listed below are the champion of champions best heavyweight t-shirts. Left jab, left jab, right hook.

First of all, let us consider quality. To embody the word, it has to be durable, feel wonderful, and look cool. The best heavyweight t-shirt combines all of these into one luxurious item.

Have you ever discarded a favorite t-shirt because it’s worn thin? Or, felt your t-shirt lacked insulation in winter? Or found it drapes weirdly off your body? That might be because you haven’t tried a heavyweight t-shirt. The thicker cotton allows the t-shirt to hold its shape, be much more durable, and insulate better.

This means it’s also the most economical type of t-shirt you can buy, despite its slightly elevated price tag on the initial purchase. Fashion types talk about investment pieces, but a heavyweight t-shirt will max out your CPWs (cost per wear) because the t-shirt is one of the most fundamental pieces of a man’s wardrobe. It just makes sense, my dudes.

So, for a peek into the best heavyweight t-shirts, read below.

Key Takeaways

Check the gsm (grams per square meter) or oz (ounces per yard squared) of the t-shirt’s fabric. This will indicate the precise weight so that you can compare it to others on the market. Elsewhere, consider the cut of the t-shirt.

How long the sleeves are, how baggy the fit is, and what’s going on at the neck will impact feel and style. Finally, compare a few t-shirts on this list to find the best heavyweight t-shirt for you.

220 GSM Organic Cotton T-shirt by Unrecorded.
View More Styles on Unrecorded 

Ami Paris Ami De Coeur

Size Range: 2XS-3XL | Material: 100% Organic Cotton | Colors: 6

This heavyweight Ami t-shirt is the reason I saw the light when it comes to heavyweight t-shirts. It converted me. I went from a bantamweight in the t-shirt game, rose through welterweight, middleweight, and cruiserweight swinging hard, and I am now boxing (wearing t-shirts) with the best of the heavyweights.

Extended metaphors aside, the off-white hue is a dream to style at all times of the year. The weighty fabric is super durable and high quality. And it has a boxy cut with a slightly shorter bottom hem, giving it style. It’s so good that I barely wear it. My girlfriend steals it from me all the time. So, why have we crowned this the best heavyweight t-shirt in the world? Because when blending density, quality, and style, no t-shirt does it better.

Wax London Iyan Navy Parker Stripe

Size Range: XS-2XL | Material: 100% Organic Cotton | Weight: 280gsm (8.26oz) | Colors: 2

R-r-r-r-ruh-ruh-retro. This Iyan t-shirt by Wax London is vintage in the modern age, making it one of the best heavyweight t-shirts on the market. The eighties laser stripes and oversized fit gives this t-shirt its nostalgia. Meanwhile, the super thick 280 gsm organic cotton bakes in the reassurance of a new product. It is the best of both worlds.

Style these t-shirts with loose-fitting chinos/jeans in cream and relaxed Birkenstock Bostons.

Unrecorded 220 GSM Washed Blue Heavyweight Tshirt

Size Range: XS-3XL  | Material: 100% Organic Cotton | Weight: 220gsm (6.49oz) | Colors: 4

Unrecorded does simplicity best. The loose fit of the t-shirt gives it a vague nonchalance, a cool insouciance, a surfer’s philosophy. It has a simple ribbed crew neck, arm length down to the elbows, and a long body.

It’s 100% GOTS Certified 220gsm organic cotton and produced in Portugal, a country well-established for its ethical clothing production. GOTS is a leading standard in organic production. And organic cotton production, meaning no fertilizers or pesticides are used. This is kinder to the soil, the nature surrounding the soil, and the farmers.

Pro Club Crew Neck Heavyweight T-shirt

Size Range: S-10XL | Material: 100% Cotton | Weight: 6.5oz | Colors: 25

This heavyweight t-shirt for men is for the parsimonious penny-pinchers among you. Let’s be clear. Not everyone has excess cash to spend on t-shirts. Seeing as it is yet another expense to dish out and not necessarily one budgeted for, it makes sense.

I would argue that an affordable heavyweight t-shirt is the best kind because it makes for a brilliant investment. It’s certainly much more durable and, therefore, will dramatically slice your cost-per-wear ratio if you’re into that sort of thing. It also washes really well.

I’m struggling for reasons not to buy this Pro Club tee myself.

Norse Projects Long Sleeve Holger Tab Series

Size Range: XS-2XL | Material: 100% Organic Cotton | Weight: 300 gsm (8.85oz) | Colors: 4

Remember when Camber USA used “Max-Weight” cotton? Well, the brand hadn’t done its research, it seems. Norse Projects used a barbaric 300 gsm organic cotton on this t-shirt, making it the heaviest on this list. Ding ding ding.

Other than sheer weight, this Norse Projects tee has a neat little white tag at the bottom left of the body, giving a chic Scandi-feel, as you would expect from a brand named Norse Projects. Plus, its long-sleeved construction will give that fabric weight even more weight, insulation, and comfort across your body.

The only question is will your torso be able to withstand the gravitational pull?

Arket T-Shirt Blue Heavyweight Tshirt

Size Range: XS-2XL | Material: 100% Cotton | Weight: 220 gsm (6.49oz) | Colors: 13

You know that meme where all of the equations swirl around Zack Galifianakis’ head? That’s what happened when I looked into Arket’s claim it was made from 220 gsm cotton (that bit was fine) and that the cotton was “20 GG from 16Ne yarn” (that bit wasn’t). I figured out 20 GG is the gauge, or sort of, knit density. But then there was this statement about the Ne yarn count. “Yarn count is defined as the number of hanks of 840 yards per pound,” and what the hell is a hank? You see the difficulty.

While I feel I have failed the FashionBeans readers, I will offer my expertise in styling. The excellent range of hues (even including a striped tee) will give ample casual styling options, and its relaxed fit will mean it’ll look great on its own. Try this heavyweight t-shirt with a pair of tapered jeans and Converse x CDG Play trainers.

Uniqlo U AIRism Oversize Heavyweight T-shirt

Size Range: 2XS-3XL | Material: 53% Cotton, 47% Polyester | Colors: 14

Uniqlo’s U range is designed to provide quality foundational pieces. While the standard “U” t-shirt is their thickest, the runner-up is the U AIRism. I’m focusing on this due to its unique technology. The polyester strands that make up the fabric are twelve times smaller than human hair. This allows it to draw and release moisture from the skin and have extra stretch. If you’re looking for a heavyweight t-shirt that can double up for use in sports, or you want to avoid excess sweating in the summer months, this is your go-to oversized look.

Camber USA Pocket Tee Heavyweight T-shirt

Size Range: M-2XL | Material: 100% Cotton | Weight: 8oz | Colors: 1

As a Brit, America’s philosophy on a lot of things seems to be: bigger is better. The vehicles, the food portion sizes, the economy, the natural wonders, and the infinite freeways. This Camber USA white t-shirt, handmade in the USA, isn’t just a heavyweight t-shirt. It’s a “Max-Weight” t-shirt. Or translated into American: the best heavyweight t-shirt you can buy. It couldn’t just be heavy. It had to be the heaviest. With its chunky ribbed crew neck and its monumental 8oz weigh-in, this might be the most American heavyweight t-shirt ever god damn produced.

3sixteen Pocket Tee

Size Range: S-2XL | Material: 100% Cotton | Weight: 260 gsm (7.67oz) | Colors: 6

It’s no surprise that Japanese denim specialists, 3sixteen, produce some of the best heavyweight t-shirts known to man. The brand pays close attention to fabric and utilizes robust manufacturing techniques. The 260 gsm mill-laundered jersey cotton t-shirt has been treated to be extra soft and reduce shrinkage. The t-shirt is then cut and sewn in San Fransisco, California. A triple-needle cover stitched collar gives extra strength but crucially allows for stretch. All these small details are the marks of a high-quality heavyweight t-shirt.

So strong is this t-shirt you could probably fill the top pocket with lead, and it’d still soldier on. Because you never know when you’ll need a pocket full of lead.

heavyweight Bouclé Jersey Organic Cotton T-shirt by Arket
arketofficial / instagram

What To Look For In The Best Heavyweight T-shirts


Cotton is the conventional choice. It’s natural, breathable tough, easy to wash, and holds color well. Organic cotton is the gold standard since it is less ecologically destructive. While polyester is polluting, Uniqlo AIRism brings technical benefits into the fold.


The fit can be as varied as the graphic on the front. Tight, slim, regular, loose, or oversized. I would recommend sticking to regular, loose, and oversized for the heavyweight tee. Not only because it arguably looks better across the spectrum of body weights but also because it doesn’t always feel lovely having thicker fabric tight to your skin. Let gravity do its thing and let it drape.


If 6 oz (203.43 gsm) is heavyweight and the heaviest on this list is 300 gsm or 8.85 oz, that is quite a large deviation in weight. So even when you see the word “heavyweight” or “thick,” always check exactly what the weight is. That way, you can know where it sits on the spectrum of heavyweight t-shirts.

uniqlo U AIRism Cotton Oversized T-Shirt
uniqloau / instagram

Final Verdict 

If you are looking for the best of the best heavyweight t-shirts, then the Ami Paris t-shirt is the only choice. The boxy fit, gorgeous off-white hue, and exceptional build quality make it a brilliant t-shirt. Of course, there are plenty of more affordable options on this list, so you can snag yourself a bargain.


    • Anything above 6 oz qualifies as a heavyweight t-shirt (or 203.43 gsm, if you’re a Metric guy).

      • Well, definitionally, heavy fabric doth make the men’s heavyweight t-shirt. But that’s not all. You must consider the quality of the dye, the quality of the stitching, how heavy you want your heavyweight tee, its shape, its drape, its arm style (long or short), brand, and color. Plenty of factors maketh the men’s heavyweight t-shirt.

        • Okay. So if it’s sweltering hot, you know you’re going to be out in the heat all day, and you have a choice between a lightweight and a heavyweight, wear the lightweight. All other times, a heavyweight t-shirt is just as applicable as the rest. Being a t-shirt, it’ll go great with jeans, chinos, and sneakers. Just remember, its slightly extra heft can give it a little more formality, making it a good choice for smart-casual outfits.

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