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A few years ago, I struggled with the worst cystic acne of my life. At that point, clear, glowing, and radiant skin seemed like a pipe dream I would never achieve. If you’ve ever dealt with acne, I’m sure you can relate. Finding skincare products that work and don’t anger your sensitive skin can be a long and frustrating process. And when blemishes do rear their ugly heads, you need to have a quick-clearing solution on hand that won’t further irritate or dry out your skin. 

That’s where Hero Cosmetics comes in. The drugstore skincare brand offers effective acne solutions for less than the price of getting regular professional facials. Although I love getting the latter, facials aren’t cheap, and it’s nice to have something to use nightly at home to clear pimples in a bind. I’m always skeptical about trying new acne-fighting products because, as I said, my skin can be extra sensitive, but I decided to give this buzzy brand a go. Keep scrolling if you’re curious about my experience testing a few of the brand’s star products. I’m breaking it all down below.

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