A Derm Shares the Best Moisturizers to Use With Tretinoin

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When used correctly, tretinoin can help with everything from uneven texture, acne, fine lines, and dark spots. Those with dry skin, however, might tolerate lotion formulas of tretinoin, such as the prescription brands Altreno and Arazola, Marcus says. She also suggests slowly working your way up to daily use when using any form of retinoid.

“Using tretinoin two or three nights a week is a good idea. Then work up to nightly applications as your skin gets used to it,” she says. “Tretinoins—and, in fact, all retinoids—make skin more sun sensitive, so it’s more important than ever to remember your daily sunscreen. Retinoids should not be used by pregnant people. They should be applied at night, not during the day, as they are not photostable and therefore their efficacy is decreased by UV rays.”

Below you’ll find the moisturizers Marcus recommends using with tretinoin.

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