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Angourie Rice Is a Must-See in The Last Thing He Told Me

Angourie Rice Is a Must-See in The Last Thing He Told Me


When I ask Rice about her fondest memory working with Garner, she tells me about a time when they were filming on the Fox lot in the summer. The weather was gorgeous, and Garner would often ride a bike from her trailer to the sound stage. “I was like, ‘That’s so cool. I love that!’” she says. A few days later, a brand-new green bike showed up in front of Rice’s trailer, courtesy of Garner. “I was over the moon,” Rice says. “We would go through the works, and then when we were ready, we would ride our bikes to the sound stage.” 

Rice’s previous work runs the gamut from loveable comedies like The Nice Guys and Honor Society to action-adventure must-sees like the recent Spider-Man franchise to poignant dramas like the Emmy-winning series Mare of Easttown. But the actress does have a particular affinity for literary adaptations thanks to her love of reading. A bibliophile, she hosts a podcast called The Community Library, where, twice monthly, she goes on a deep dive into the stories she’s consumed recently. At the time I’m writing, the most recent episode is an investigation of the “sad hot girl” genre. I ask her opinion on what we should all be reading now, and she’s quick with the disclaimer “whatever you want!” but does mention the recipe book Midnight Chicken (& Other Recipes Worth Living For) by Ella Risbridger. “It’s mostly comprised of recipes, but it’s also about grief and mental health and healing and how food can heal your relationship with yourself and the world around you and how it can give a person purpose to get up every morning,” she says. “It really hit me for some reason. It was the perfect blend of memoir, self-help, mental health, and recipes, so that’s one that I’ve really loved recently.”

As far as the books she’s excited to see make it to screen in the near future, she adds, “I recently read the last book in the A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder series by Holly Jackson. It’s a British YA series about a girl in high school who decides to solve a cold-case murder in her town. They are turning it into a series. I think the BBC is doing it.” She’s also ecstatic about the new Percy Jackson live-action series currently in development at Disney.  


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