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Big 80s Earrings Are Back—26 Pairs to Shop The Trend


In the talk of seasonal trend roundups, it’s usually the clothes that dominate the conversation but 2023 has seen quite a shift: accessories have arguably stolen the show, with big, bold jewelry leading the charge. One of the most defining trends to emerge has been ginormous earrings, ranging from 80s-inspired button earrings to geometric baubles that look like mini sculptures on the ear. Despite the difference in variation, the throughline seems to be ginormous XXL-sized pieces that cover the entire earlobe.

Although a “trend” that has maintained the spotlight off and on since the 80s, in the context of its most recent resurgence designer labels like Saint Laurent, Khaite, and Bottega Veneta have assisted its push back into the mainstream. After its debut on the runway last fall, Bottega Veneta’s teardrop earrings caused a frenzy. The piece was an immediate runway hit—spawning a long waitlist and TikTok videos explaining how to get the look for less. Around the same time, Anthony Vacarello’s sleek twist on 80s glamour was buoyed by incredibly large earrings that everyone couldn’t stop talking about. Into the new year, designer Catherine Holstein kept up the momentum debuting more big earrings within Khaite’s accessory lineup. The overarching theme? The time for conspicuous earrings is now.

But if you’re looking to join in, you don’t necessarily have to commit to the designer versions to do so. After much research, I gathered 26 pairs that embody the XXL earring craze better than most. Whether you want to go vintage, designer, or affordable, keep scrolling to take your pick.

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