How to Do an At-Home Buccal Fat Massage for Sculpted Skin

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The first step in an at-home buccal fat massage is to apply a face oil or something similar to give the skin some slip. Plug and I both used Wildling’s Empress Balm of Gilead Barrier Repair Oil ($82), which is a phytonutrient-dense facial oil rich that’s rich in vitamin C. 

From there, we can move on to jaw release. If you’re anything like me, you clench your jaw constantly. This causes the jaw muscles to tense up, and when the jaw muscles are tense, it can create unnecessary bulkiness to the point where it visually pulls the appearance of the face downward. 

To release tension and slim the appearance of the face, Plug recommends using this oddly shaped tool. It’s something I use constantly to manage jaw pain from TMJ. Simply use the narrow tip to “explore” the masseter muscle on the outer jaw, moving it in small circles to release tension. (I recommend feeling your jaw muscle before and after using this tool. At the start, it might feel tough and rope-like. After using the tool for a couple of minutes, it might feel softer and smoother.) 

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