Home Fashion Madelyn Cline’s 5 Best Outfits—According To An Editor

Madelyn Cline’s 5 Best Outfits—According To An Editor

Madelyn Cline’s 5 Best Outfits—According To An Editor


At this point, we’ve all heard about Outer Banks. The series highlights a group of carefree, coastal teenagers who end up on a lot of adventures. Amongst the cast, a rising star happens to be Madelyn Cline. Her sense of style, natural beauty, and beachy blonde hair have the predominately Gen Z audience hooked. 

Lately, I can’t open the TikTok app without seeing a mention of her personal style. Cline’s style is California cool, she can wear crocs and make them look good and when she walks a red carpet, it never feels like she’s trying too hard. She often opts for comfortable yet stylish pieces such as oversized sweaters, denim jackets, and flowy dresses. She also incorporates bohemian elements into her outfits, such as crochet details and earthy tones.

Overall, her style is effortlessly cool and reflects her laid-back personality. Her stylist Mimi Cuttrell told me, “Maddie has a beautiful ability to mold into so many genres of style,” which can definitely be noted by the versatility present in the best of her looks. I need this type of vibe in my life so below, I collected the best outfits she’s worn as of late so we can copy and paste them onto ourselves before summer hits its peak. Enjoy.


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