Meet the 30 Items That Are Already Defining Spring

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I walked outside of our New York City office the other day and was immediately hit with the realization that spring isn’t just coming—it’s here. Bryant Park was brimming with nearby office workers eating their lunches at foldable tables in the grass, and runners avoided Times Square in little more than sports bras and shorts. Finally, after what’s felt like the longest winter yet, we’ve made it to the other side. But the sneakiness of spring’s arrival doesn’t seem to have caught anyone out stylistically. The coolest people online were busy designating the items that will define spring long before the first nice day of the year. All we were waiting for was the weather to catch up. 

My role in all this is to scour said internet and round up the season-defining items, creating a guide of sorts to spring’s most-wanted items. From the pickleball minidress that’s made the Who What Wear editor Slack channel its home (we talk about it a lot) to the Bottega Veneta tote that Jacob Elordi broke the web with, the 30 pieces ahead are on the tips of everyone in fashion’s tongues right now. Before they sell out—they all inevitably will at one point or another—scroll through each one. 

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