Home Fashion “Milk Tub” Nails Are TikTok’s Latest Obsession

“Milk Tub” Nails Are TikTok’s Latest Obsession

“Milk Tub” Nails Are TikTok’s Latest Obsession


These times, there are two key motorists of elegance tendencies.:The to start with is TikTok, which dictates what is cool in much more strategies than one—whether which is the best blush formulas, the most powerful coloration correctors, or the easiest hurt-absolutely free hairstyles. The second is celebrities most not too long ago, Hailey Bieber’s “glazed donut” nails were all the rage. When the two converge and mutually agree that a specific look is fashionable, that signifies it really is listed here to stay. 

The latest development to get both a TikTok and a celeb seal of approval is anything called milk tub nails. Not only does the hashtag have millions of sights on social media, but superstars like Blake Energetic, Jennifer Lopez, and Sydney Sweeney have been noticed with the look. So while they’re definitely trending proper now, Celebrity Nail Artist Elle Gerstein is rapid to remind us that they have been all around for a very long time. “Instead of a trend, for a manicurist or a nail tech, milk bathtub is a strategy,” she says. “It’s like chroming. Absolutely everyone named it the glazed donut nail due to the fact Hailey Bieber wore it, but we’ve been performing it forever.” Preserve scrolling to see what milk bath nails look like and learn how to re-produce them at dwelling with some assistance from experts. (Trace: it is way simpler than you may well imagine.)


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