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My 29 Best Amazon Finds of 2023

My 29 Best Amazon Finds of 2023


I must’ve been a lot busier going from store to store to acquire things before Amazon existed. I feel as though I order everything I need on it these days without even leaving the house. (Don’t worry—I leave the house for other reasons.) If you looked at my robust Amazon order history, you’d be either impressed or alarmed by my ability to find anything and everything on the site—trash bags, luxury candles, trendy socks, and dog shampoo included. 

Every so often, I like skimming through my order history and saved cart for future orders so that I can share my greatest Amazon finds with you. I must say I’ve discovered some pretty great stuff this year, and there’s no point in keeping it all to myself. With that, scroll away if you’re as reliant on Amazon as I am. Some of these items are seriously life-changing.


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