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Reviewed: Chanel’s Noir Allure Mascara


I’ve always been a sucker for packaging, and while a spiffy exterior is neither here nor there when it comes to a product’s actual efficacy, Chanel’s signature “click” mechanism that unlocks the wand from the tube is pretty genius. With twist-off designs, an inevitable buildup of product starts to accumulate around the opening of the tube. It becomes more difficult to screw the cap all the way on, and the mascara will dry out more quickly. Chanel’s sleek click-in, click-out design makes all the above a moot issue. Not to mention, you’ve never looked chicer whipping out a mascara before—trust me.

Because I want a lot of definition when it comes to my lashes, I always, always, always gravitate toward a rubber brush versus a brush that is really fat or bushy. I just can’t get the lift and separation I need with that! A rubber brush acts more like a comb, and you’re really able to control where you’re applying the product while catching and grabbing every last lash. This mascara is no different. The brush is thin and flexible, and the formula itself is strategically spiked with an undetectable hint of red which, adds even more depth and dimension to your eyes. Provitamin B5 and a blend of three naturally derived waxes keep your natural lashes nourished, conditioned, and perfectly curled.

Some mascaras—even the ones marketed to lift and curl—start to fall flat after a few hours, but this is one of the few exceptions I’ve tried. In my eyes, it’s quite literally the perfect mascara, and whenever I wear it out IRL or snap a picture to post on my IG story, there’s a roar of commotion. People absolutely always want to know what my secret is and whether I have extensions or use a lash serum. (For the record, I’ve used and loved lash serums in the past, but I’ve been weaning myself off of them over the last few months.)

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