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Reviewed: Maison Margiela’s Replica On a Date Fragrance

Reviewed: Maison Margiela’s Replica On a Date Fragrance


As a child in Morocco, Benaïm expressed an early interest in the composition and extraction of essential oils. Ralph Lauren’s PoloCalvin Klein’s Euphoria, and Viktor&Rolf’s best-selling Flowerbomb can all be traced back to him. However, the intrigue doesn’t stop there. Maison Margiela has taken the creation of its charming eau de toilettes one step further with deliciously fragrant scented candles. The On a Date candle echoes its eau de toilette partner, creating a seductive ambiance from mineral wax and a single wick that has a seven-hour burn time. Crafted in the South of France, Maison Margiela’s scented candles possess a high volume of perfume concentrate, rivaling that of its eau de toilettes.

Pair the two together, and you’ve got an olfactory experience like no other. Since receiving this fragrance, I’ve worn it every day. I love how it shifts and transforms with time, beginning with bold florals and ending with a whisper of sun-drenched fruit. The candle has also quickly become a new favorite of mine. I love beginning my morning by lighting it to make my cozy one-bedroom apartment smell warm and inviting. I may not be Meg Ryan living in the heart of a bustling city with dial-up internet, but I sure know how to bring on the romance.


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