Simple Skin Routines Are In Again And We Couldn’t Be Happier

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Fadul, is a Latinx engineer and beauty insider from a family with over 50 years of experience in the beauty space. She highlights efficiency as a top priority for her; the key to marrying effectiveness and aesthetics. “After years of sifting through the noise and separating fact from fiction in the skincare industry, I realized that what truly matters is quality over quantity,” says Fadul. She founded her skincare brand, Lendava, with the goal of simplifying routines with high quality products and ingredients as well as make it easier for, “people to have healthy skin without sacrificing effectiveness of simplicity.” So what does it take to truly simplify your skincare routine? For one, investing in luxurious and effective products can mean majorly cutting down the product line up.

“The goal with Lendava is to offer skincare that is simple and pleasurable; savvy skincare with all the right priorities,” the beauty mogul explains. “We’re all about keeping things minimal and being objective. Our products are designed to optimize skin’s function, with carefully chosen ingredients that are backed by science—no fluff, just what works!” Lendava is also an example of how brands embracing the skinimalism movement have also made efforts to create formulas that are prioritizing transparency and, ethical practices, and eco-friendly production.

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