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Stylist Liat Baruch on the Best Summer Shopping Buys

Stylist Liat Baruch on the Best Summer Shopping Buys


Sofia Richie Grainge’s wedding at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in the South of France took the internet by storm several weeks ago, with many dubbing it this year’s “royal wedding.” From three Chanel looks custom designed for Richie’s wedding weekend to the designer-infused outfits she wore leading up to her big day, Richie’s style was particularly eye-catching. The mastermind behind Richie’s new fashion aesthetic? Los Angeles-based stylist Liat Baruch.

“A couple of years ago, when Sofia had initially approached me, she had a very pointed conversation with me about where she wanted to go style­-wise—how she wanted to present herself, how she wanted to dress,” Baruch says of how her partnership with Richie began. “Words like elevated, timeless, and longevity are what we were focusing on. It aligned with me and what I do as a service, but it also aligned with me personally because of how I dress.”

Baruch emphasizes it’s her and Richie’s shared aesthetics and fashion references that make their collaboration so successful. “I’ve always liked a classic, more timeless sense of style,” she says. “I dress trendy also sometimes, but it’s never been what I start with.” Instead, Baruch says she approaches curating closets by starting with core pieces you never need to get rid of. “You do that by buying quality pieces,” she adds. “I mean that. There’s no way around it.” 

Curious to learn what her top summer shopping staples would be, I asked Baruch to share the exact pieces she’d recommend to clients. Shop the eight items that made the cut below.


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