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Tangle Teezer Just Released a Brush Made Out of Beans


Wouldn’t it be great if every plastic product you love was eventually made with plant-based materials? I was recently thinking about some of the products I use daily, things like my hairbrush, toothbrush, and makeup brushes, and realized many are made with plastic. I’m hyper-aware of sustainability in other aspects of my life. I sort my recycling, use reusable grocery bags, avoid single-use plastic, and more. And I’m committed to making swaps with my beauty products as well.

Though it may seem like a small step in the grand scheme of things, Tangle Teezer is making its cult-favorite detangling hairbrush more eco-friendly. Meet the Plant Brush. 

Tangle Teezer’s new Plant Brush is made from 85% castor bean oil that’s been turned into bio-plastic. By making this swap, Tangle Teezer is taking a major step toward reducing its carbon footprint. The brand has also committed to a no-waste approach by turning any byproducts into fertilizer.  

While the material has been switched, the Plant Brush feels like the same brush fans of the brand know and love. It still uses the same two-tiered teeth technology as other brushes from Tangle Teezer, meaning it has both long and short bristles. The long bristles detangle snarls, while the short bristles help smooth the cuticle. 

The brand is also phasing out all of its plastic packaging. By 2025, all Tangle Teezer products will come in unbleached, sustainably-sourced
cardboard. At this point, swaps like this feel like common sense as we navigate a more sustainable future, and hopefully, more brands will follow Tangle Teezer’s lead. 

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