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The 15 Best Cream Concealers for Full Coverage

The 15 Best Cream Concealers for Full Coverage


Up until I started writing about beauty a few years ago, I always thought that concealers were one-size-fits-all—that they worked for anything you’re trying to cover up, whether it’s to hide blemishes, even skin texture, or deal with discoloration. And while many are pretty versatile, there are some that are best used for brightening dark circles and others that work better on acne and so on.

So if you want a concealer that really does it all, makeup artists told me to opt for a cream concealer. “A cream concealer is usually denser in consistency and gives a fuller coverage than, say, a liquid concealer,” says celebrity makeup artist Emma White Turle. Makeup artist Gita Bass agrees, adding that since they tend to have more pigment and a thicker texture, they’re great for covering scars, dark spots, and blemishes, but they can also be sheered out and used under the eyes or to highlight cheekbones or jawbones.

And they work on just about every skin tone. In fact, Turle recommends cream concealers for dry skin types. But she adds that if you have oily skin, you might want to check the ingredient list, as some are made with shea butter or avocado oil and might not be ideal for your skin.


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