Home Fashion The 17 Best Tummy-Control Tank Tops (Plus the One I Love)

The 17 Best Tummy-Control Tank Tops (Plus the One I Love)

The 17 Best Tummy-Control Tank Tops (Plus the One I Love)


Alright, I’ll be the first to admit that my shapewear collection is a bit old and tattered. I haven’t purchased a new pair of Spanx in years. Really, it’s been yearsI still reach for the ones I bought for my senior high school prom, so that’s a good seven years ago—yep, don’t shame. And I’m still in the midst of building a solid collection of shaping bodysuits, underwear, and tank tops for those days and nights when I need a bit of extra support (looking at you, formfitting bodycon dresses). 

I was finally compelled to purchase a particular tummy-control tank top when I came across it during Amazon Prime Day, and this one wasn’t even part of the deal. I was just utterly intrigued by the reviews and the nearly 425 positive comments that praised the tank’s capabilities. “This is the most amazing lingerie product I’ve ever purchased,” wrote one customer. “Life-changing,” shouted another (as expressed by the three exclamation marks used). You can see why I was tempted.

The tummy-control tank in question was Bali’s Lace ‘N Smooth Cami, and let’s just say my life did, in fact, change. The top isn’t like your usual shapewear pieces, in that it’s actually super pretty, thanks to the all-over lace design that’s quite romantic. (Let’s just say I actually feel good wearing it.) It also has softly lined cups for a bit of added support, which means I don’t have to wear my bra either. I haven’t tested out a ton of these tummy-control tanks, but I did notice that the length seemed a bit longer than most, too, so it smoothed out my stomach and hip area and made for super easy tucking, which is great, whether I’m wearing it with my favorite summer jumpsuit or a tee-and-jeans combo.

I am now officially a tummy-control tank devotee, and I’m never turning back. Ahead, see the cami that seriously changed my life, plus 17 others with amazing reviews.


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