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The 22 Best Swimsuits for Big Busts

The 22 Best Swimsuits for Big Busts


Finding the perfect swimsuit is a daunting task for almost every woman I know, but especially those with a larger bust. I speak from experience as someone who is a 32DDD and has struggled to find the right bra her entire life. Style is such a priority for me that I used to always settle for mediocre support in exchange for something trendy. That era of mine has come to a hard stop.

Becoming a fashion editor changed everything for me, I’ve had the opportunity to try hundreds of swimsuit styles for myself and am now aware of the most supportive fits. I still treat myself to something more stylish for a special occasion or a day when I won’t really be swimming but in most cases, support is everything. Two of the biggest things I look for are a good underwire and adjustable straps. However, today we are going to dig a little bit deeper. Below, I will be sharing specific swimsuit styles that will make any woman with a bigger bust feel confident and comfortable on a beach day.


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