Home Fashion The 23 Best Cardigans for Women, Hands Down

The 23 Best Cardigans for Women, Hands Down

The 23 Best Cardigans for Women, Hands Down


It’s true—I have a special weakness for cardigans. Even as the weather starts to warm up, there’s a whole grouping of “summer cardigans” that people are gravitating towards. (Think crochet, pointelle knits, and gauzy fabrics.) A cardigan can act as a statement piece, but with the right one, it is overall just a pretty great wardrobe staple. After all, when you want to be comfortable, a cardigan has more of that “I still tried” factor than a basic sweater or tee.

Now, there’s an abundance of cardigans on the internet, but only some are worth spending your money on. While we’ve passed the days of heavy knits, I looked towards our favorite retailers for the best cardigans available to shop right now and even tried on a few along the way. Whether you’re looking to exude Parisian energy or want an extra layer for the beach, there’s an option below for you to choose from. Keep scrolling to peruse and shop.


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