The 29 Best Pairs of Underwear for Women in 2022

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Buying underwear is perhaps the most personal shopping experience of them all, especially when it comes to the comfy, practical pairs you’re going to be wearing day in and day out. (I love you, lacey lingerie, but not all the time.) That’s probably why finding pairs that click with your body—the kinds that feel weightless when you put them on and stay that way throughout the day, no matter what your schedule is—can be so difficult. 

Simply put, there are far too many fabrics, cuts, brands, and more to wade through in order to find your just-right pairs—and no time to waste. That’s why I’m here to play assistant. I, as a fashion editor who has tried on and tested out more pairs of underwear than I’d like to admit, compiled a list of all the absolute MVPs of the panty department, from the best simple G-string to the best cotton brief. I even included the pairs with the most hype in fashion (shout-out to Miu Miu). So go ahead and find your perfect underwear sans the hassle below. 

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Author: NewsHubMagzine

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