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The 5 Airport Outfits Fashion People Love

The 5 Airport Outfits Fashion People Love


Many years ago, when flying still felt like something of a novelty, dressing for the airport was an event. My grandmother, for instance, would always put on her best suit and heels, and you better believe her hair and makeup was done. Since flying has become commonplace, the standards of dress have drastically changed. Comfort is on the forefront of most everyone’s minds, but even if full glam is no longer the norm, looking fresh is still a top priority.

The best airport style, in our opinion, is cozy enough to allow for some shuteye on the plane, but chic enough that we don’t necessarily have to change when we arrive at our destination. Sportier styles, which we don’t need to tell you have been on-trend for some time now, lend themselves particularly well to travel. A good coat or blazer over comfier¬†basics is laid back, but feels like we put in some effort, too.

So, if you need a little inspo for how to dress the next time you brave the TSA security line, keep reading. Five cool, yet comfortable, airport outfit ideas from some of our favorite fashion people are just a scroll away. 


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