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The 5 Best Home Fragrances, According to Fashion People


One thing about the fashion crowd is that their good taste extends far beyond just the sartorial world. You’ll usually discover that someone with a unique sense of style is also quite particular when it comes to other categories of aesthetics, like beauty and home decor. Fashion people curate their beauty routine and personal spaces as meticulously as they do their wardrobes, so when an item gets their stamp of approval you know it’s well-deserved. 

Home fragrances fall under the same strict scrutiny. Fashion people choose their home fragrances based on two criteria. The first of course is the scent itself, striking the perfect balance of boldness and sophistication. Beyond the fragrance, the second component is the presentation of the vessel that carries it—whether that be a candle, reed diffuser, room spray, or hand soap. After all, the aesthetic is just as important as the olfactory experience. There are a few brands that stylish people turn to for home fragrances, and you’re virtually guaranteed to spot one of these in their spaces. These brands perfectly marry fragrance with design—a treat for the nose and eyes, if you will. Below are the 5 best home fragrances, according to the fashion world. 

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