The 7 API-Owned Brands Behind the Next Wave of Y2K Style

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Whether the influence of the early 2000s is something you find exciting to tap into or you feel personally victimized by its comeback since you lived through it (and likely wore many of the returning trends), there’s no denying that the era has seen a massive surge in interest in the past few years. Its influence stretches far and wide, with so many of the trends bubbling up today having originated from the era.

I’m sorry, or you’re welcome, but Y2K style isn’t going anywhere just yet—it’s simply evolving. In 2023, the aesthetic isn’t the same as it was at the start of its hotly debated return to style. Instead, it’s grown up from its shockingly risqué and controversial origins into something more mature and stylized. Yes, there are still plenty of low-rise waistlines and bright pops of color, but instead of the flashy and in-your-face looks that usually come to mind when someone brings up the redux, things are getting more muted and romantic and a touch edgier. I like to think of Y2K style today as the intersection of niche internet aesthetics like coquette style and dark romance. If you’re wondering what that looks like, I’ll explain with the seven labels below that are leading the next wave.

Ahead, meet an exciting group of emerging Asian-owned brands that are winning over everyone from Gen Zers on TikTok to celebrities in Hollywood for their ultra-pretty pieces.

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Author: NewsHubMagzine

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